6ix9ine Violated his plea agreement. D.A wants him to register as Sex Offender. Now Facing Years in State Prison

The D.A office said they are recommending 1 to 3 years in state, claiming he violated the term for his plea agreement after he plead guilty to use of a 13 year old girl in a sexual performance.

Officials point out that he was arrested in both Houston and Brooklyn, saying that he has not held up his terms of the agreement.

The D.A also demanded that Tekashi register as a sex offender, and demanded that even though Tekashi claims he was a minor when it happened, the D.A says he should be

“sentenced as an adult for the crime he committed against a child and accept the consequences of that conviction, including registration under the Sexual Offender Registration Act.”

Tekashi is due back in court October 2nd.

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