7 men & women die in accidents & 1 heart attack after Looking at a Person who’s “Too Beautiful”, Police say.

Police have released the Photo and Facebook profile of a person of interest they say isn’t under arrest, but they want to bring in for questioning. 4 men and 3 women have passed away in the past week after staring too long at a person who is “Too Beautiful”, including 3 car accidents and 1 heart attack.

Police have revised surveillance cameras after unexplained deaths happened in the past week.

They’ve found all the incidents show a certain person present at all the deaths.

Andrew Smith who was in a car with his wife when the incident occurred, didn’t see the red light as his head turned staring at someone, his wife who survived the crash says. His wife fortunately only suffered minor injuries.

Police say 2 other care accidents happened in a similar manner, one of the accidents included the death of a woman who stared too long

A man whose family has chosen to keep his name anonymous died while waiting in line at the grocery store. Surveillance cameras show the man turned around to look behind him as he waited in line, and  his eyes met the person of interest’s eyes.

Police say the surveillance camera then shows the man collapse slowly on the floor with his hand on his chest. The person of interest and other people around the man tried to help him.

One of the accidents included a woman who was simply walking down the street and passed out when she saw the person of interest. The woman is reported to have hit her head too hard on the concrete, and was taken to the hospital where she fell into a coma.

Police have managed to find the person of interest in the surveillance after seeing the person in all incidents.

Police are also now investigating how far back these incidents may go, and checking to see if the person has appeared in other accidents.

Police have released the person of interest’s Photo and  Facebook profile. Police urge you to call if you know the person, and emphasize that they’re not under arrest. Here’s their facebook profile.

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