A 15 year old boy pretends to be 14 year old girl, lures pedophile, and beats him up in a spiderman suit

Brazilian News Networks are reporting that a 15 year old boy catfished a pedxphileon tinder by posing as a 14 year old girl, then beating up the elderly man in a park while dressed as Spiderman.

News networks in Brazil that a 15 year old named Joaçaba beat up an old man who he told he was a 14 year old girl.

According to a few reports, Joaçaba continued to have a multiple conversations with the man and saved it on his flash drive.

He’s then reported to have set up a meeting with the man at a local park, and that’s where the beating took place.

Police say he was dressed in a Spider Man costume, packed two pocketknives and two retractable tonfas along with a bladed brass knuckle.

After he beat up the man, he contacted the police, and police held the boy while the elderly man was taken to the nearby hospital for treatment.

One of the verified news networks in Brazil report that the boy gave the police a flashdrive where he had saved all the text messages between the man and himself.

It’s not yet clear what legal actions were taken against the boy or the pedophile.

The story has gone viral on twitter and other social networks

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