Cardi B says she misses Offset Down her Throat and might call Him up.

Cardi B who recently just called it off with offset after he was caught cheating, says she misses him.

Cardi B took to her IG Live to say that her gag reflex is diminishing because she hasn’t had penis in a while.

Cardi B was recently seen in offsets comments a few days ago commenting on his IG live after unblocking him. (She had first blocked him and unfollowed cubandoll when she found out he cheated)

Which made many think that they might get back together.

He even crashed one of her performances when she was on stage to try and get her back, but she shut him down on stage.

When people started bashing him for it, and she started defended him, many people thought that was a sign they’d get back together, she responded by saying,

Though a lot of headlines read that she made it clear she wasn’t getting back together with him, many people said that nowhere in that video did she made that clear, that she just said, “it doesn’t mean I’d get back together with him” “I’m not saying I’ll get back together with him”.

Today om her IG live, she said this,

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#cardib Clearly misses the dxck 🤪

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