Grover alleged said “F*cking” on Sesame Street.

Parents and people are convinced that Grover on sesame street said the F word.

While their children were watching Sesame Street, some parents say they were caught off guard and had to do a double take at a scene.

The character Grover is said to have gotten excited and said the F word when another character presented an idea to him.

Here’s the video,

When one of the characters suggested “The camera”, watchers said they heard Grover say,

“Ooh the camera, yes, yes that’s fxcking excellent idea.”

Someone said that it may seem like it, but listen closely, is he saying “That a f*cking excellent idea” or “That sounds like an excellent idea”.

Fans now say that the latter seems plausible.

Although depending on whatever sentence was last in their head, that’s what they hear him say.

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