Teen Gang-rape survivor denied entry at new school after she was raped by students because “she will spoil the atmosphere” with her gang-rape aura.

A 16 year old was gang rxped by 4 seniors, and she’s trying to get into any school that will have her, with no luck yet.

The 16 year old Indian girl was just denied an entry to a school, after the school stated that “She will spoil the atmosphere” on campus, because of the gang rxpe she survived, the other students won’t feel comfortable with the aura, and the topic of rxpe would come up. The girl was Pregnant after the rxpe. The story gets even worse from here.

The girl lost her baby while pregnant after school staff ter‌min‌‌ate‌d the girl’s pregnancy by making her consume medicated drinks in attempt to conceal what had happened. The school staff was arrested for drugging the girl into abortion.

It’s currently unclear and undecided what will happen to the 4 senior boys who planned her rxpe after watching porn on their cellphones.

The girl’s parents have lodged a complaint with the local police. Police Senior Superintendent Nivedita Kukreti released a statement,

“We are looking into the complaint. We will send a team to the school concerned to take its version on Monday as it closed for puja holidays. Meanwhile, we are also exploring the legal course of action to be taken in a case like this.”

Nivedita spoke to the news and continued on to say

“How can they deny admission to the child? If the girl has merit, there is no reason why they should refuse to take her in. They should give her admission even on humanitarian ground as she is a r‌a‌p‌e survivor who has suffered trauma,”

The girl’s former school concealed the rxpe and the situation and it came to light September 17th. Her four rapists, and five members of the school administration including its director and principal were arrested on charges of destruction of evidence.

A source told the Hindustan Times,

“The victim returned to hostel and informed the incident to the hostel caretaker. Rather taking any action against the four boys, she rather told her to remain silent on the issue and then informed the acc‌us‌e‌d administrative o‌ffi‌ce‌r (AO),”

Kukreti told the indian press,

“The boys had personal Android phones that they used regularly in the school, even though the school norms didn’t allow them to use mobile phones on regular basis (except Sundays that too for two hours). They used to watch p‌‌o‌‌r‌‌n clips on the mobile phones, and that became a major factor in the g‌a‌ng‌ra‌‌p‌e since the boys got instigated by watching p‌‌o‌‌r‌‌n.”

The girl’s parents are now planning to enroll her in a school outside Dehradun as schools in their city are not accepting the girl.

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