Tristan Thompson Allegedly tries to cheat on his new girl. Girl on IG Curves him in DMs.

A 17-year-old Instagram model posted Tristan Thompson trying to slide in her dms.

Triston Thompson, who cheated on Khloe about 3-4 times for which she forgave him for each time, started dating another woman a few weeks ago.

He started dating the woman around 2 days after it was revealed he cheated on Khloe again.

Here’s the woman he started dating after Khloe:


He was spotted with her multiple times:

He apparently cheated on the girl as well, since the news of him kissing Jordyn Woods came out one day after he was spotted with this girl.

Apparently he tried to slide into another woman’s Dm’s on IG:


Yasmin Adelina is a famous Instagram model who has 79,000 followers.

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