Video of Beyoncé doing her best trying to avoid Jason Lee at Grammys Going Viral. May become one of the Greatest & Funniest Memes/Gifs.

A video of Beyoncé trying to avoid Jason Lee at the Grammys was captured.

Jason Lee is the owner of “Hollywood Unlocked”, a website people say starts a lot of rumors, creates stories that aren’t true, and lies on stars. Jason Lee also said a number of things about Beyoncé, like “If Beyoncé doesn’t show up at Coachella I will burn her house down”.

Jason Lee was at the Grammy’s Roc Nation Brunch, and spotted Beyoncé.

As soon as he spotted Beyoncé, he started approaching her. Beyoncé was walking straight ahead with no plan on stopping, As soon as Beyoncé locked eyes with him, she stopped in her tracks and did a whole U Turn.

After seeing that she was blocked off, she turned back around and tried to look around as if she was lost, completely avoiding eye contact with Jason Lee, until he finally tapped her,

Here’s the video,

We’re providing those of you who are messy with a GIF so that you may get started,

Jason Lee had always wanted a picture with Beyoncé,


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