Video: Pastor Embarrasses Transgender Woman in Church, Kicks Transgender Woman Out.

A pastor saw a Transwoman in his church, and told her to get out.

The internet is currently arguing about how the pastor went about kicking a Trans woman out of his church.

He pointed at them to get up, and stand in the aisle. He then told them to leave his church, and the next time they want to come to his church, they better be wearing men’s clothing, here’s the video,

People are saying no matter his belief, he was extremely mean to the person, even if he said whatever he said in a calm tone.

People are saying even though he would’ve still been wrong, a sub par christian would’ve pulled them aside and talked to them privately, and not embarrass them in person.

A christian, if they wanted to change the person’s ways, again, they (would’ve still been wrong) would get the person into the church and teach them the christian ways instead of kicking them out and telling them never to come back until they’re “acceptable”.

If you’re a christian, before your opinion forms or agrees with the pastor, did you have sex before marriage, and go to church? And what’s your knowledge on what the bible says about being Transgender?

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