Woman who was attacked by Jaguar says Zoo should really move their fence back

Woman who went over the fence to take a selfie with a Jaguar says the fence was too close to the animal.

By now everyone has heard of the woman who went over the fence to take a selfie with the Jaguar. She was interviewed and just absolutely could not take full responsibility. Her first name is Leanne, she asked for her full name not to be used.

She said maybe she was in the wrong for leaning over the fence and taking a selfie with the animal, but the Zoo should really look into changing their arrangement, and she’s not the only one to blame.

CBS News interviewed the woman and she told the news station that the Zoo’s fence was too close. Here’s the video:

The woman went viral after jumping over the barrier to take a selfie with the Jaguar:

The video starts with “On the ground and in shock–” and completely takes me out.

The woman admitted fault, but says that, though there was an entire fence there that was completely blocking her that she went over, the Zoo should still move their fence.

She continued by saying:

“Anybody can reach out. I’m not the first, and if they don’t move the fence, I’m probably not going to be the last,”

No harm came to the Jaguar, and the Zoo says it would not be euthanizing the animal, as it did absolutely nothing wrong.

Zoo director Mickey Olson says:

“When people do not respect the barriers, there’s always a chance that there might be a problem,”

Leanne says that she will be trying again in the future, but says that her next encounter will be further away.

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